Garage Door Torsion Springs

The price to replace your torsion springs can range from $130 to $300 for a set of two, including labor and hardware supplies.

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Replacing Extension Spring

Hardware repair costs can range from $50 to $100 when labor is included, with individual pieces costing up to $45 each. In comparison to torsion springs, they are theoretically cheaper and much easier to install. They can live for less than ten years, so it's vital to keep that in mind. A 3-5 year warranty is fortunately offered by the majority of them.

Spring Replacement

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The garage door opener can raise and lower the door with ease thanks to the spring. A broken spring frequently prevents your garage door from opening, keeping you inside with your car! We can fortunately help you!

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There are several garage door springs kinds. The life expectancy of each spring can be precisely calculated using the spring’s size as well as the door’s height and weight. Most common residential garage doors have “standard cycle springs” with a 10,000 cycle rating. Enhanced torsion springs are also available upon request or recommendation; torsion garage door springs with a minimum cycle count of 25,000 are standard on all doors at Innovative Garage Door.

If you constantly use your door every day, standard quality springs might only last a few years. It is possible to upgrade doors used in high-traffic applications to last for 250,000 cycles or beyond.

Garage doors frequently experience broken springs. Under heavy use, garage door springs may deteriorate more quickly than usual. If you require extension or torsion garage door springs, or if you require any other garage door repair in Illinois, give us a call immediately.

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