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We STRONGLY advise our customers NOT to try to replace a broken garage door cable without the required skills and expertise. This technique is exceedingly dangerous and should only be performed by qualified doctors. People could be killed or seriously injured by extremely tensed garage door wires.

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What Are The Cables For Garage Doors Used For?

Cables are hooked on either side of a garage door. These wires work in conjunction with extension and torsion springs to allow the door to move smoothly up and down. If one cable breaks, the other will experience increased strain. It will eventually fail as well.

At the bottom of the garage door are the cables. It will be secured to the torsion spring's shaft at both ends. The cables unwind or rewind around the torsion spring as it rotates the drum. Through this process, the door can be raised or lowered. As the doors are lowered, the spring winds up.


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Wires will always be connected to a torsion or extension spring system. As we’ve already stated, these wires are crucial for lifting the garage door’s weight. Since they carry out such a demanding duty, they frequently experience significant wear and strain.

Only professionals should be used for garage door cable maintenance and replacement. After all, the entire process could be challenging. You run the danger of sustaining severe injuries if you don’t have the required knowledge and tools.

You can trust Kauffman Garage Door Repair to fix your garage door cables to the highest levels of proficiency, security, and excellence.

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