Garage Door Battery Backup

Garage doors are designed to open and close to allow access to and escape from your property. Since these operations require electricity, your family can experience discomfort if there is a power outage. With a battery-operated garage door opener, these worries can be put to rest right away.

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Role Of Garage Door Repair

Our professionals at Kauffman Garage Door Repair can easily install a battery backup system for a garage door opener for your peace of mind. The new installation will also help you adhere to Illinois's rules regarding automatic garage door openers.

The ability to automatically reverse the safety feature on an automatic garage door opener was a wonderful advancement because it did away with the need to manually open and close garage doors. However, for them to work, there must be an electrical current. You will immediately find yourself in a pickle if there is a power outage, which frequently occurs due to severe weather, wildfires, and scheduled maintenance.

Battery Backup

Why A Garage Door Battery Backup Is Essential

A garage door opener with a battery backup, such as one from LiftMaster, will allow you to open and close your garage during a power outage. It comes in handy on days when the electricity unexpectedly fails. It is intended for the battery unit, which is attached to the garage door opener, to switch on in the event of a power loss.

Expert Installation Enhances Mindfulness


Although investing in a garage door and opener with a battery backup is a smart move, stay away from the trouble of doing a DIY. Installation is a straightforward process when you leave it in the hands of Kauffman Garage Door Repair. We install electrical blackout-proof automatic garage door openers in compliance with the law.

We’ll work around your schedule while installing the door and safety components. We’ll come back immediately away if repairs are necessary. You’ll feel better when you realize that a blackout won’t stop you from going about your day or endanger your family.

To install a garage door opener with a battery backup system, contact our team of professionals at any time. Customers in Illinois and other regions rely on us for premium installations at competitive pricing. To give you the degree of customer pleasure you deserve, we have been going above and above for more than ten years.